Hadoop university approaches every engagement as a partnership where everyone wins. We offer a full range of services leveraging Open Source software including support for products and solutions, strategic needs assessment and solution planning, and tactical assistance for deployment.

The Services You Need

          Every client engagement is different. Some clients want us to manage every aspect of designing and developing a new application/solution, while others want our help with solution architecture design, training, or support. We have expert consultants, developers, and support engineers available for every aspect of an engagement, and we’ll work closely to understand your needs and assemble the best possible team.

Real-World Know-How

          Working with Hadoop University teams, enterprise can leverage best practices gleaned from more than 400 real-world Open Source business solution deployments, as well as up-to-the-minute training on new Open Source products and features.

Way to success

          Every Hadoop University client engagement follows a structured and proven  Solution Delivery Process that is optimized for enterprise deployments of Open Source business solutions. This process-based approach ensures that the solution vision is documented before development begins and that development proceeds quickly and smoothly, leading to successful solution deployment.

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