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The VMware vSphere PowerCLI series will introduce you to PowerCLI and teach you basic administration of hosts and virtual machines. This comprehensive training course will teach you how to automate and customize your virtual environment. You’ll learn to automate ESX configurations, automate the creation of virtual machines, and automate vSwitches and datastores configurations. This course is recommended for those who are familiar with the core concepts of vSphere, or a familiarity with PowerShell.

Course Contents

Introduction to PowerCLI

  • What is PowerCLI?

  • Howe Does PowerCLI Work?

  • Download the Toolkit

  • The PowerCLI Console

  • The PowerCLI Window

PowerCLI Concepts

  • Introduction

  • Support Matrix

  • vSphere Object Model

  • Connecting to vSphere and vCenter

  • PowerCLI Cmdlets

Working with Objects in PowerShell

  • Introduction

  • The Pipeline

  • Examining Objects

  • Filtering Objects

  • Exporting Data

Managing vSphere Hosts with PowerCLI

  • Introduction

  • Overview of the VMHost Cmdlets

  • The Most Important Cmdlet: Get-VMHost

  • Add ESX Server to vCenter

  • Manage Host Accounts

  • Work with Host Services

  • Configure Network Time Protocol (NTP)

  • Configure Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

  • Maintain ESX Hosts

  • Work with Host Profiles

Managing Virtual Machines with PowerCLI

  • Introduction

  • Overview of the Virtual Machine Cmdlets

  • Work with Snapshots

  • Perform vMotion and svMotion

  • Execute PowerCLI Scripts in Virtual Machines

  • Automate Creation of Virtual Machines

  • Manage Virtual Machine Power States

  • The Set-VM Cmdlet

  • The HardDisk Cmdlets

  • The NetworkAdapter Cmdlets

  • The CDDrive Cmdlets

  • The VMQuestion Cmdlets

  • Work with Templates





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