PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Training

What You Will Learn

  • Set up a development environment to develop PhoneGap applications
  • Generate, build, and run applications using the PhoneGap command-line interface
  • Install plugins from the command line to add native capabilities to your application
  • Call the JavaScript API of plugins and hook into native events
  • Manipulate DOM using zepto and xuijs
  • Develop a user interface using jQuery Mobile and the Ionic framework
  • Get accustomed to using the PhoneGap Build service


Course Contents

1. Welcome to PhoneGap 3

  • Introduction
  • Installing PhoneGap 3
  • Getting ready
  • Creating a new project
  • Using the command line
  • The local commands
  • The remote commands
  • Installing API plugins
    • Adding plugins
    • Listing plugins
    • Removing plugins


2. Movement and Location – Using the Accelerometer and Geolocation Sensors

  • Introduction
  • Detecting device movement using the accelerometer
  • Adjusting the accelerometer sensor update interval
  • Updating a display object position through accelerometer events
  • Obtaining device geolocation sensor information
  • Adjusting the geolocation sensor update interval
  • Clearing the interval
  • Retrieving map data through geolocation coordinates
  • Getting ready
  • Static maps
  • Creating a visual compass to show the device direction


3. Filesystems, Storage, and Local Databases

  • Introduction
  • Saving a file in the device storage
  • Domain whitelist
  • Opening a local file from the device storage
  • Displaying the contents of a directory
  • Creating a local SQLite database
  • Uploading a file on a remote server
  • Caching content using the local storage API
  • Lawnchair

4. Working with Audio, Images, and Video

  • Introduction
  • Capturing audio using the device audio recording application
  • Recording audio within your application
  • Playing audio files from the local filesystem or over HTTP
  • Capturing a video using the device video recording application
  • Loading a photograph from the device camera roll/library
  • Applying an effect to an image using canvas
  • Playing a remote video


5. Working with Your Contacts List

  • Introduction
  • Listing all available contacts
  • Displaying the contact information for a specific individual
  • Getting ready
  • Creating and saving a new contact
  • Getting ready


6. Hooking into Native Events

  • Introduction
  • Pausing your application
  • Resuming your application
  • Displaying the status of the device battery levels
  • Displaying network connection status
  • Creating a custom submenu


7. Working with XUI

  • Introduction
  • Getting started with XUI
  • Learning the basics of the library
  • DOM manipulation
  • Working with touch and gesture events
  • Updating element styles
  • Working with remote data and AJAX requests
  • Creating simple tweens and animations


8. Working with the Ionic Framework

  • Introduction
  • Getting familiar with basics of the library
  • Exploring Ionic commands
  • Exploring the Ionic framework structure
  • Basic directory structure
  • Configuration and resources
  • Application files
  • Using ngCordova


9. Ionic Framework Development

  • Introduction
  • Exploring the UI components
  • Creating a layout
  • Using Ionic and Angular
  • Putting it all together


10. User Interface Development

  • Introduction
  • Creating a jQuery Mobile layout
  • Getting ready
  • Persisting data between jQuery Mobile pages
  • Using jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller


11. Extending PhoneGap with Plugins

  • Introduction
  • Extending your Cordova Android application with a native plugin
  • Extending your Cordova iOS application with a native plugin
  • The plugin repository

12. Development Tools and Testing

  • Introduction
  • Downloading Cordova
  • Using the command line to create a new iOS Cordova project
  • Running the application on the iOS Simulator
  • Debugging your application
  • Debugging the iOS Cordova application using Safari Web Inspector
  • Using Android Studio to develop Android Cordova applications
  • Getting ready
  • Using Adobe Dreamweaver to develop Cordova applications
  • Getting ready
  • Using the PhoneGap Build service
  • Getting ready
  • Hydrating your application
  • The PhoneGap Build API


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