OpenStack Training

OpenStack Training Objective

This OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment course provides practical knowledge around fundamental OpenStack components such as Compute (Nova), Image Service (Glance), Identity (Keystone), Block Storage (Cinder) and Dashboard (Horizon). In addition, to make this course as complete and relevant as possible, we also cover several OpenStack building blocks used for object storage, networking, monitoring and orchestration. Through lab sessions, we make sure that every participant has a chance to put the concepts taught in this course into practice.

openstack training

At the end of this OpenStack Training you will:

  • Be in a position to configure the various OpenStack components to create your own reliable and scalable private cloud infrastructure
  • Understand how a cloud-based IT infrastructure differs from a conventional data center design
  • Be familiar with the terminology used by cloud professionals and understand OpenStack-related concepts
  • Be in position to deploy a private cloud environment based on OpenStack
  • Understand the various Linux networking, storage, configuration and provisioning techniques available in the enterprise world, especially the ones that are part of the OpenStack project
  • Be able to evaluate the security risks associated with cloud computing and how to address them


A working knowledge of Linux system administration, network management, storage devices and problems commonly encountered in enterprise environments is helpful in-order to get the most out of this cloud architecture and deployment course. We assume that all attendees have at least some experience with system administration under Linux, both in the graphical and text mode environments.

Course Outline

Overview and Stats of OpenStack, Project, Community and Foundation

Basic overview of core OpenStack components (Compute, Block, Network, Dashboard)

Introduction to various Projects under OpenStack

  •     OpenStack Compute (Nova)
  •     OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
  •     OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
  •     OpenStack Object Store (Swift)
  •     OpenStack Block Store (Cinder)
  •     OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)

Get Support and Contribute back to OpenStack

  •     IRC’s, mailing lists,, etc.
  •     Overview on Launchpad
  •     Git, Gerrit Code Review Process
  •     OpenStack Infrastructure, etc.

End-User Tasks

  •     Deploy applications to OpenStack clouds
  •     Deep dive into various OpenStack components including new and incubated projects
  •     Software Defined Networking with OpenStack
  •         Network As A Service, Security and Firewalls.
  •         How to create complicated network topologies using OpenStack Neutron
  •         Leverage advanced application topologies
  •     Operate and manage projects and elements via Horizon, and OpenStack CLI

Making your Private Cloud into Hybrid Cloud with Amazon

Architect Your OpenStack

  •     Various Plugins, Drivers per project.
  •     Practical Point of view
  •     Best Practises.
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