HBase Administration Training

Apache HBase Administration

hbase administration training

Course Objective :

Recognize how to create, describe and access data in tables from the shell. Describe how to bulk load data into HBase. Recognize the benefits of managed region splits.

Prerequisites :

This course is appropriate for developers and administrators who intend to use HBase. Prior experience with databases and data modeling is helpful, but not required. Prior knowledge of Java is helpful. Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not required.


Course Outline :


  • About this Course

  • About Cloudera

  • Course Logistics

  • Introductions

Introduction to Hadoop

  • What Is Big Data?

  • Introducing Hadoop

  • Hadoop Components

Introduction to HBase

  • What Is HBase?

  • Why Use HBase?

  • HBase and RDBMS

  • The Give and Take of HBase

HBase Concepts

  • HBase Concepts

  • Working with HBase

The HBase Administration API

  • HBase Shell

  • Creating Tables

  • HBase Java API

  • Administration Calls

Accessing Data with the HBase API, Part 1

  • API Usage

  • Getting Data from the Shell, Java API, and Thrift API

  • Adding and Updating Data in the Shell

  • Driving Data from the Shell, Java API, and Thrift API

Accessing Data with the HBase API, Part 2

  • Adding and Updating Data with the API

  • The Scan API

  • Advanced API

  • Working with Eclipse

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