Big Data Architecture Training

Hadoop Training Chennai : Big Data Architecture Training is an extensive course on the open source Apache Hadoop Architecture. The course begins by addressing Big Data issues and how Hadoop finds a role in solving them. The course then gradually extends to the finest details of the Hadoop architecture, its deployment & administration and the Hadoop eco-system ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each of these with adequate hands-on sections throughout the course.

hadoop training chennai

Hadoop Training Chennai – Course Outline:

Introduction to HADOOP

  • Need for Hadoop
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Problem with existing traditional system
  • Requirements for new approach
  • Comparing SQL databases and Hadoop

HDFS ( Hadoop – Distributed File System)

  • Hadoop Distributed file system , Background, GFS
  • Data Replication
  • Data Storage
  • Data Retrieval
  • Additional HDFS commands

MapReduce Programming

  • MapReduce, Background
  • Writing MapReduce Programs
  • Writable and WritableComparable
  • Input Format, Output Format
  • Input Split and Block size
  • Combiner
  • Partitioner
  • Number of Mappers and Reducers
  • Counters

Map Reduce Algorithms and Exercises

  • Line Count and Word Count
  • Distributed Search
  • Sorting Data – Key Value Data Type
  • Mathematical Transformation example
  • Working with Counters exercise
  • Distributed Cache exercise
  • Zero Reducer based exercises

Apache Pig

  • Installation
  • Execution Types
  • Grunt Shell
  • Pig Latin
  • Data Processing
  • Loading and Storing
  • Data Filtering
  • Grouping & Joining Operations
  • Hands on Exercises

Apache Hive  Installation and Details

  • Hive Installation on Single cluster Hadoop Node.
  • Hive Services
  • Hive Shell Description
  • Hive Server·
  • Meta store Details
  • Hive QL Basics
  • Working with Tables, Databases etc.
  • Hive JDBC programming
  • Hands on Exercises and Assignments


  • Sqoop Overview
  • Installation
  • Data Processing through Sqoop
  • Understand Sqoop connectivity model with RDBMS
  • Using Sqoop example with real time data
  • Imports and Exports

Zoo Keeper

  • Zoo Keeper Overview
  • Installation
  • Server Mantainace

Apache HBase Installation and Details

  • HBase and NOSQL Introduction
  • HBase Installation and Configuration.
  • HBase and Java Based integration
  • HBase Hadoop Integration Details.
  • HBase basic exercises
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