Elasticsearch Training

Elasticsearchelasticsearch training

The Elasticsearch training aims to provide a solid foundation in search and information retrieval, starting with basic fundamental concepts and internals throughout best-practices, key features and distributed search application development with Elasticsearch. During and after the training hours there will be time for discussions as well as attendee case-studies. At the end of the training you will have a deep understanding of how Elasticsearch works, you will be able to reliably analyze, understand and solve common problems and ready to build state of the art search applications.

Elasticsearch Training: Course Outline

  • Introduction – Terminology, basic concepts, setting up and basic operations

  • Distributed Model – Elasticsearch cluster, shards and replicas, configuration, APIs and local gateway

  • Multi Tenancy – Multiple indices, index aliases, cross index operations and introduction to data flow

  • Elasticsearch Index – Analysis, mappings, index operations, versioning, APIs and settings

  • Search – Query DSL, sorting, facets, search types, highlighting, routing and other search components

  • Advanced Search/Mappings – Nested documents, parent/child relationships, geo-location search, query percolation, relevancy, and more

  • Advanced Distributed Model – Cluster state recovery, low level replication, low level recovery and shard allocation

  • Big Data Design Pattern – Multiple indices, shard over-allocation, routing and aliases and how to approach data architecture

  • Preparing for Production – Performance tuning, more on data flow and memory allocation

  • Running in Production – Monitoring, alerts, info/stats APIs
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