Hadoop Training in Chennai

Hadoop Training in Chennai

Apache Hadoop, the open source data management software that helps organizations analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, is a very hot topic across the tech industry. Employed by such big named websites as eBay, Facebook, and Yahoo, Hadoop is being tagged by many as one of the most desired tech skills for 2012 and coming years along with Cloud Computing.

hadoop training chennai

What participants will learn? – Hadoop Training in Chennai

The attendees will learn below topics through lectures and hands-on exercises

  • Understand Big Data & Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Hadoop Distributed File System – HDFS
  • Use Map Reduce API and write common algorithms
  • Best practices for developing and debugging map reduce programs
  • Advanced Map Reduce Concepts & Algorithms
  • Hadoop Best Practices & Tip and Techniques
  • Managing and Monitoring Hadoop Cluster
  • Importing and exporting data using Sqoop
  • Leverage Hive & Pig for analysis
  • Running Hadoop on Cloud

Hadoop training chennai : Course Prerequisites: The participants should have basic understanding or knowledge of java and linux.

Hadoop Training in chennai

for Developers:

This Hadoop Course  is for developers who want to use Apache Hadoop to build powerful data processing applications. Learn the basics of HDFS, how to write programs against the MapReduce API, and design techniques for larger workflows. Dive into advanced skills for debugging and optimizing MapReduce programs and learn about the Apache ecosystem projects Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, and Mahout.

For Administrator:

This Hadoop Course is for systems administrators responsible for setting up and managing Apache Hadoop clusters in production or development environments. Learn the concepts and practices needed to introduce Hadoop into your organization, from installation and configuration to load balancing and tuning to diagnosing and solving problems in your deployment.

Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai | Hadoop Training in Chennai : Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training in Chennai – Live Instructor Led Classes

Learn the way Industry Wants – Big data training with Production Level UseCases
Also Learn Hadoop v2 YARN, Microsoft HDInsights, Apache Solr, Apache Tez, Apache Storm, From Our Tech Architects
Work on Cloud Servers powered by AWS Cloud
Be a Part of Proof of Concept Project (PoC) – get Hands On Project Experience.
Collaborate – learn – Work – Build a Solution – Win!
15+ PoC Projects now in Product Shape – Join the next PoC Work!

Classroom –  Weekend / Fast Track Batch | Certification included | 100% Moneyback guarantee in Chennai


Hadoop Training in Chennai  - Course Curriculum:

Module I: Big Data Introduction, Hadoop Architecture
Module II: Architecture Recap, CloudLabs Overview, Installation
Module III: MapReduce Framework
Module IV: Advance MapReduce, Testing
Module V: Pig and Pig Latin
Module VI: Pig Latin cont., Hive Basics
Module VII: Advance Hive, NoSQL Databases and HBase
Module VIII: AdvanceHBase and ZooKeeper
Module IX: Apache Flume, Apache Sqoop, Oozie
Module X: Apache Spark, Mahout
Module XI: Comparisons of No SQLs, Project



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